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Retractable Bathing Stair

The new Ultra Compact Presto Stair is nicely hidden underneath the swim platform and is driven by a 12V electric actuator. The Stair is typically mounted underneath the swim platform but there is also a version that can be installed in the end of the platform, creating an extension combined with the stair.

Hydraulic Line

Includes 1 New hydraulic line.

L200 Lift Arm

A replacement lift arm for the L200 Series Lifts

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How do I know if my platform is strong enough to carry a dinghy or a jet ski?

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It’s best to ask your boat dealer or the original boat builder. However, they rarely have an answer, especially on older boats because they don’t know the condition of your platform. The best way to find out is to look at the specification of your dinghy or Jet Ski to find their weight and test that weight on your platform with some kind of ballast. Normally it’s no problem with the platform, it’s the weight impact at the stern that can cause problem.

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