Presto Marine lifts, Making Boating easier.

Imagine how easy it could be to get to that alluring beach. In less than 60 seconds you and your family can be on your way. This is why you came boating, so why not make the most of it? When its time to go ashore, let it be fun without lots of hard work.


By continuously considering security and evaluating products and services from a safety perspective, we create the best conditions for active and safe boating.


We work methodically to select the best materials, production methods and design for our products in order to exceed the expectations of our customers. Swedish quality is highly ranked in international competition.


It is important to us that our products have a distinct esthetic expression and a well-functioning interface between function and users.


When we bring new products to market or develop our own, performance is a very important parameter. It is quite simply a matter of how well a product performs its task. How effective it is in terms of the amount of work performed in relation to the amount of power or other resources required.

Our Premium Product Line

PrestoMarine Lifts has several unique marine products of high quality, safety, and design.

Presto L200 Tender lift

L200 is developed for use on boats from 30feet. It's our smallest lift which can be used for tenders but also for the new Sea-Doo Spark.

Presto XL500-r Seadoo lift

The model that was the first lift we made for the purpose of lifting a Waverunner on to a swim platform. It is also made of AISI 316 stainless steel with a lifting capacity of 500kg.

Presto XL500-f Dinghy Lift

Our strongest lift for use on a pier, houseboat or big yacht to lift a heavy boat. It is made of AISI 316 stainless steel, powder coated and with a lifting capacity of 1000kg.

Our commitments

At Presto Marine we are committed solely to the quality of your experience, which means that every moment you interact with our products and our people is designed to enhance the way you feel about boating and our products. We look upon customer relationship in the same way as we look upon our family. Our goal is that you should feel that we help and support you in the same way, whenever a situation so demands.

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Prepare To Be Amazed With Your Presto marine Lift

A float should be relaxed and enjoyable. So launching your tender or PWC should never be a struggle. No strength required- anyone can operate it! The Presto Marine lifts require very little effort. Young or old, it makes no difference. A few simple steps make it easy to launch or recover your tender.
Let us do the work, not you.


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