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Retractable Bathing Stair

The new Ultra Compact Presto Stair is nicely hidden underneath the swim platform and is driven by a 12V electric actuator. The Stair is typically mounted underneath the swim platform but there is also a version that can be installed in the end of the platform, creating an extension combined with the stair.

Hydraulic Line

Includes 1 New hydraulic line.

L200 Lift Arm

A replacement lift arm for the L200 Series Lifts


About PrestoMarine® Lifts

A PrestoMarine® hydraulic lift allows you to quickly launch your tender or PWC right from your swim platform with ease.

Why Buy a PrestoMarine® Lift?

PrestoMarine® has four guiding principles with all of our products.


By continuously considering security and evaluating products and services, we create the best conditions for safe boating.


We work methodically to select the best materials, production methods, and design for our products.


It is important to us that our products have distinct esthetic expression and well-functioning interfaces.


We have invented a transom lift that can launch or retrieve a tender or a PWC at the flick of a switch, in less than 60 seconds.

PrestoMarine's Promise

At Presto Marine we are committed solely to the quality of your experience, which means that every moment you interact with our products and our people is designed to enhance the way you feel about boating and our products. We look upon customer relationship in the same way as we look upon our family. Our goal is that you should feel that we help and support you in the same way, whenever a situation so demands.

A PrestoMarine® XL500R Hydraulic lift, lifting a Dinghy on the back of a boat

Our Customer Success Stories

Read and watch how our customers love their PrestoMarine® Lift.

When I bought my new boat, I wanted a good solution in order to bring the Jet used by my son. PrestoMarine® Lift proved to fulfill my wishes. This patent is genius, simple, and the speed of operations is the main advantages. Wherever I land my boat, people gather around and want me to demonstrate the lift. I am so happy with my PrestoMarine® Lift and with the amazing service MA Products provides.

Victoria, BC
Nord West 560

I use my PrestoMarine® Lift to be able to bring my RHIB when I’m out at sea. I used to have it dragging behind my boat but this is a much better solution. The lift works to my full satisfaction. In just a minute I can launch and haul the RHIB on and off the platform. PrestoMarine® Lift is a really great product many boat owners will enjoy.

Halifax, NS
Grand Banks 47

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